Welcome to OldSurfers.com

I organized this web site for my friends from Eagle Rock High School that I used to go surfing with and their friends that know my friends. This is a fun site so that old friends can stay in touch with one another and is an effort to try to find some of the characters from the past that may still be out there surfing, partying or otherwise still active.

I got this idea when I was surfing with Julian Ryder and Mike Corson up at Old Man's at San Onofre about 9 months ago. We all got together today (7/14/2001) and went surfing at Swamis in San Diego and that renewed my idea and viola, here is the embryo of the website. Feel free to join the conversation and use the e-mail addresses to stay in touch.  Even if you never surfed and really didn't know me (Tom Ogg) but want to reminisce about the good old days, feel free to join in. 

E-Mail Addresses and Links  Here is a list of e-mail addresses of folks that I have communicated with and links to any web sites they may have. Also, you can submit your information here as well.

Pictures of Old Surfers  I don't really have any pictures from the past but I do have some from a trip to Mexico last summer with Glen Barfield.  Send me pictures and I will post them here. 

Old Surfers Message Board  I had to shut the old message board down because it was getting too much spam. In the interim we can use my son Andy's forums at www.SanDiegoSurfers.com. You will have to register the first time that you use it, but no big deal.

Old Surfers Jokes I keep getting outstanding jokes from Mike and Julian so I thought I would start posting them here just to get a library going.